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What is a Signet Ring?

These classic rings have seen a resurgence recently, but what is a signet ring? Traditionally a masculine piece of jewellery, signet rings have become a popular style among both men and women. Historically worn by royalty, these unique rings have transitioned over time into what we know and love today.Perfect for adding a touch of class and sentiment to your jewellery collection, understanding these rings is key to wearing them with confidence.

what does a signet ring mean
where do signet rings come from

The History of the Signet Ring

When exploring what a signet ring is, we must delve into its historic past. Traditionally used as a 'seal,' signet rings played a very important role in business and politics within early civilizations. During the 10th century, signet rings were often used to authenticate documents. Royals and nobility would have their family crest, or other design, solely unique to them, engraved on their ring which could act as a 'signature' on important documents. This was done by pressing the engraved side of the band into melted wax. Due to these royal beginnings, signet rings were seen as a mark of wealth and class.

By the 13th century, these classic rings had made their way down to the freemen of society. What a signet ring was didn't change much. As they used them in much the same way, using them to sign official papers. Due to this piece of jewellery being seen as a mark of authentication, signet rings were often destroyed when their owner passed away.

Overtime, what a signet ring is has evolved. From taking centre as an aesthetic piece to show class and nobility. To the modern day, where they can be worn as a fashion statement. This piece has evolved from a traditionally male jewellery item, to both men's and women's signet rings being popular in today's age. What a signet ring is now, is very different from its beginnings. Many families choose to pass these jewellery pieces down the generations as an heirloom. Whilst many women and men receive their very own personalised ring as a gift on their 21st birthdays. But despite their current popularity, they cannot be used to legally sign documents anymore.

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Signet Ring Meaning

The historical meaning of 'signet' is that of 'a small seal.' These engraved rings were generally used for sealing papers, letters, and important documents by the upper echelons of society. On account of this, signet rings were often referred to as 'gentlemen's rings.' Since their beginnings, they have grown in popularity in women also.

In modern times, what a signet ring is has changed. Often given as a coming of age gift, at either 18 or 21, they symbolise a moment in an individual's life. In particular, the cross from childhood to adulthood. Much like the meaning of eternity rings, and the meaning of promise rings, this makes them a very sentimental piece for a vast number of wearers

what finger to wear a signet ring on
what is the definition of a signet ring

What does a Signet Ring Look Like?

To know what a signet ring is, you must first know how to identify one. Signet rings are characterised by a raised, flat surface that sits above the rest of the ring. This surface normally houses an engraving, from a person's monogram to their family crest. Commonly they will either be cast in gold or silver.

What Finger to Wear a Signet Ring on

When it comes to rings, we often wonder which finger they should be placed on. With engagement rings, wedding rings, and eternity rings having a specific finger, you may wonder if signet rings do also. This classic piece is traditionally worn on the pinky finger, but it does not have to be worn here.

You can wear your signet ring on whichever finger you wish. Knowing how to measure ring size at home means you'll be able to choose the correct size whilst ordering, so you can enjoy your new ring from the moment it arrives!

how to style a signet ring
how can I wear a signet ring

Should I Wear a Signet Ring?

Once you know what a signet ring is, you may be intrigued by this historical item. No longer representing nobility, these rings can be a gorgeous piece that anyone can own and wear. As there are no rules as to who can wear these classy bands, if you'd like to own one you can!

When engraved, a signet ring becomes completely unique to its owner. For those who enjoy sentimental jewellery, there is no better choice. This engraved jewellery piece entirely represents the person who is wearing it, whether that be through a family crest, or a special anniversary date. What to get engraved on your new jewellery is your decision alone. What a signet ring is, is entirely down to the owner. So if you would like to wear a ring that holds symbolic meaning for you, then a signet ring would be ideal.

Engravable Women's Signet Rings

At Monica Vinader, we have a beautiful range of women's signet rings. In classic gold and silver, as well as modern rose gold. Our designs put a contemporary twist on the signet ring. Our engravable options allow you to make your signet ring personal to you. Whether you choose to have your own initials engraved, or even encapsulate a doodle your child has done, these wearable rings will become an essential part of all your ensembles. What your signet rings is and means is entirely up to you.

What Makes Monica Vinader Special?

We are a British jewellery brand, founded in 2008. We combine sustainable and ethical materials, such as recycled silver, to create beautiful designs you'll adore. From necklaces, to bracelets, to earrings, our pieces are loved by women all over the world. Create effortless style with our demi-fine jewellery, just like The Duchess of Cambridge.

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